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We are a registered UK Charity (reg No 1182706) aimed to provide support for people with mental health challenges. Still I Rise helps vulnerable people to become resilient throughout the UK. We work with women affected by domestic violence, older people who live in isolation and are immobile and we have been working with people impacted worst by the pandemic, to help them rehabilitate their lives and improve their mental health. Our work has been to work to address mental health and isolation issues and the emotional and psychological impacts of various life challenges on our most vulnerable communities. We do this by providing group therapy/courses/well-being classes and art therapy.

Our aims are to improve resilience following trauma and emotional impacts of financial exclusion, poverty, domestic abuse and ex-offender who struggle to get their lives on track. We aim to provide the emotional and therapeutic support to help people who are disconnected from society due to complicated issues and due to negative mindsets and barriers they cannot take the first step to re-engage in society. Our experience shows that there is a substantial wall that prevents them from taking the leap to a better future, and in the process of this internal chaos, some will end their lives, others will do self-harm, end up in mental-care, or live the rest of their lives suffering silently and in severe depression, which wrecks their lives. Our objective is to give these people a new lease of life and a belief that they too can have a second-chance and enter jobs/training/education once again.


Tali J hols Msc in Psychology and is currently studing for Professional Doctorate in Health. Tali is a specialist in Anxiety and a Mental Health First Aider. She likes to prioritise Charity projects for vulnerable and hard to reach communities and currently focusing on support for people with mental health challenges in the UK, women with autism and Ukrarian refugees.

CBT Group Therapy Facilitator

Emese works as a senior psychological wellbeing practitioner for the NHS. She also contributes to the training of psychological wellbeing practitioners at University College London. Emese has a passion for working with groups of people from all walks of life. She believes that we are all resilient individuals, capable of making positive changes in our lives. Emese's mission is to share wellbeing tools with you to support you along your journey.

ACT Therapy Facilitator and Group Counselling

Joyce is an engaging, compassionate and energetic sparring partner, coach and integrative therapist. She draws from a solid basis of corporate experience and psychological knowledge. This, combined with a deep intuition and high levels of relational & emotional intelligence, enables her to foster a space for growth, insight and emotional relief. A space to pause and be. Her approach is always respectful and empathic. Former lawyer experienced in the top tier professional service industry in Amsterdam and London. Studied law in Rotterdam and Stockholm and is RINO certified in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Jag is as a fully qualified kundalini yoga teacher. He experienced a kundalini awakening in 2003 that sent him on a journey of self realisation. Jag completed his teacher training in 2005 at Yoga West in Vancouver, Canada. For a number of years he directed Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival and and holds a black belt in Taekwondo. Jag helps individuals to combat Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Problems, Stress and more through the use of Kundalini yoga, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy and Pranayama.

Children's Art Teacher

Vikroriia Shevchuk is a qualified artist from Ukraine who moved to Buckinghamsgire last year with Homes for Ukraine Scheme. She has three years of experience conducting childrens art classes and workshops in Poland, Warsaw. She is teaching techniques of fluid art, acrylic of canvas, watercolouts, pastels, clay modelling and paier-mache.

Our Trustees

Katsiyarina Drake

Natalina Kuznetsova 

Kristine Middleton

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