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We are a registered UK Charity (reg No 1182706) aimed to provide support to young people through art.

Our art classes are designed for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with special needs. We use art activities that help young people learn how to better communicate and express their emotions. Creating art gives our participants the chance to explore their wants, needs, and feelings in a unique and creative way. Art allows children to truly convey how they are feeling in a safe and imaginative environment, therefore building their self-confidence and self-esteem. It is also a way for them to be empowered to exert control over their environment, alleviating feelings of frustration or alienation.


The art course is designed to encompass a wide range of mediums and techniques. The first project will work with acrylics on a canvas, and focus on a specific artist. Following this, we will explore other mediums including watercolours, inks, pastels, oil pastels, clay, papier mâché, and metal tooling. Throughout the classes, we will be working on core skills such as memory and fine motor control, as well as improving visual, perceptual, and spatial awareness.


Art projects are highly beneficial for young people who struggle with mental health issues and those who have special needs. For instance, children who have problems with speech may struggle to communicate how they feel using language; art offers them an alternative means of expression. For autistic individuals, art classes offer a way to develop their social skills and be part of a supportive community. And for the visually impaired, art provides a way to express themselves with their hands, and to explore ways of working in 3D.


Tali J hols Msc in Psychology and is currently studing for Professional Doctorate in Health. Tali is a specialist in Anxiety and a Mental Health First Aider. She likes to prioritise Charity projects for vulnerable and hard to reach communities and currently focusing on support for children of Ukrarian refugees.

Children's Art Teacher

Vikroriia Shevchuk is a qualified artist from Ukraine who moved to Buckinghamsgire last year with Homes for Ukraine Scheme. She has three years of experience conducting childrens art classes and workshops in Poland, Warsaw. She is teaching techniques of fluid art, acrylic of canvas, watercolouts, pastels, clay modelling and paier-mache.

Mental wellbeing advisor & assistant

Emese works as a senior psychological wellbeing practitioner for the NHS. She also contributes to the training of psychological wellbeing practitioners at University College London. Emese has a passion for working with groups of people from all walks of life. She believes that we are all resilient individuals, capable of making positive changes in our lives. She is helping us with assisting at the classes and other support as needed.


Joyce is an engaging, compassionate and energetic sparring partner, coach and integrative therapist. She draws from a solid basis of corporate experience and psychological knowledge. This, combined with a deep intuition and high levels of relational & emotional intelligence, enables her to foster a space for growth, insight and emotional relief. A space to pause and be. Her approach is always respectful and empathic. Former lawyer experienced in the top tier professional service industry in Amsterdam and London. Studied law in Rotterdam and Stockholm and is RINO certified in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Our Trustees

Katsiyarina Drake

Natalina Kuznetsova 

Kristine Middleton

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